About us

High quality produced in Italy.

Forty years ago BACCHETTA started manufacturing vinyl shower curtains. As time goes by, the importance of the bathroom environment increases together with the desire for new objects. In this way the water-repellent polyester shower curtain was created. During the years, BACCHETTA has developed the production of a new range of bath accessories. Amongst these different items there is a very important series of aluminium rods for shower curtains: with many different sizes and diameters which solve all the problems related to the use of shower curtains. The anti-slip bath and shower mats with their suction cups, guarantee safety during use: these mats can be coordinated to the different designs of the shower curtains. Finally we must not forget the new ceramic accessories for bathrooms that complete the range of the BACCHETTA production. All these articles have been designed to transform your bathroom into a beautiful and elegant part of your home. All products showed in this catalogue are exclusively MADE IN ITALY.